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Join a 6-month entrepreneurial journey and launch YOUR gender+ project

BØWIE 2020 will take place! In case the containment measures should still be in force, BØWIE will be moved online. Read more
our manifesto

Let's talk Gender. Gender in all its forms, in all its aspirations and in all its challenges. Let’s talk about changing our narratives.

Let's talk about changing Switzerland, a country still ranked 22th in Europe in regard to LGBTIQ+ legal rights. Where women are still earning 20% less than men and still bearing most of the burden of child care. Where the unemployment rate of transgender people is 10 times higher than the average. Where same-sex couples cannot get married and founding a family remains challenging. Where intersex, asexual or aromantic people are still unknown to the majority of the population. Where pleasure and sexuality remains male-centered. A society where 19% of women have had non-consensual sex. 

Let’s make Gender the revolution it needs to be in Switzerland! Across industries and across communities. At BØWIE, we are convinced that we can collectively harness our creativity, passion and fearlessness and create a society where inclusion is truly lived, not only talked about.

Are you passionate about gender and about social change? Do you have an idea or a project designed to make Switzerland more inclusive for EVERYONE ?

Let's be bold together.

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How we’ll support you to make change happen


A step-by-step plan

You're not 100% sure about your idea and don't have previous entrepreneurial experience? No worries! You're an accomplished entrepreneur but wishes to take your project to the next level? Sounds good! We've designed an easy to follow, step-by-step process adapted to each of the participants. This 6-month programme entails custom one-to-one coaching, national community events, workshops, inspiration and networking opportunities. We've broken down all necessary steps for an impactful project and will lead you smoothly along that learning curve.

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A Custom Coaching Experience

You will never be alone throughout this journey, as a dedicated coach will provide feedback and guidance every step of the way. Design with them a 100% custom coaching experience - whereas it's in your pyjamas at home on Skype or WhatsApp, or in person around a warm cup of coffee -everything is possible ! We are dedicated to helping you achieve your ambitions while respecting your work process.

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an Inspiring Community

Welcome home! Always find the support, the inspiration and this extra motivation boost you need from your BØWIE community. Each month, meet up with the other participants, our team and Gender+ experts to fuel your inspiration and help you bring your project even further. #strongertogether

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our promise

What Could Your Life Look Like 6 months From Now?

In 6 months you could still be thinking about how the world should change or you could have:

Tangible impact
Achieve tangible impact on issues that deeply matter to you
Practical skills
Gain practical skills in project management, web design, social media, fundraising, public speaking and much more
Your own team
Gather your own team (advisory board, volunteers, cofounders) ready to conquer the world with you, even after BØWIE is over
New friends & partners from all over Switzerland
Form new friendships and collaborations giving you the confidence to follow your passion. Proudly defy the Röstigraben and don't worry, we refund your train tickets to national events if needed.
Feedback from a jury and the public
Pitch your project in front of a jury composed of gender+ and entrepreneurship experts and get the word out in front of an actual audience
A clear plan
Test the potential of your idea and formulate a clear plan for your next steps beyond BØWIE
I'm ready to make change happen
our alumni

They're accelerating change

Photo and project of a BØWIE entrepreneur

Chloé, Zoë and Bruno organized a photo exhibition to provide positive visibility to LGBTIQ+ couples and families in the public space

Chloé Chaudet, Zoë Smart, Bruno Cabete — (In)visibles
THEY made it happen
1 exhibition
CHF20k raised
15k people impacted
Photo and project of a BØWIE entrepreneur

Melanie is raising awareness about weight stigma in Switzerland through workshops and educational materials creation.

Melanie Dellenbach — Yes2Bodies
she made it happen
500+ followers
4 events
CHF5k raised
3k people impacted
Photo and project of a BØWIE entrepreneur

Anaïs wrote and designed an illustrated children's book in which we follow the adventures and discoveries of a young transgender frog.

Anaïs Pollet — I am Milos
she made it happen
1 book
5k people impacted
Photo and project of a BØWIE entrepreneur

Valerie created a photo exhibition with interactive performances to deconstruct gender stereotypes and allow alternative representations of women* and non-binary people.

Valerie Reding — HVNGRY
she made it happen
4 events
CHF 60k raised
5k people impacted
Photo and project of a BØWIE entrepreneur

Emily launched a subscription service for businesses and schools that allows them to provide free menstrual products to their employees and students.

Emily Sheene — Fem.Friendly
she made it happen
4 pilot clients
10k free products offered
Photo and project of a BØWIE entrepreneur

Amanda created a performance in the form of a moaning choir denouncing sexual violence in heterosexual* relationships.

Amanda E. Metzger — The Danger of Love
she made it happen
4 representations
CHF 6k raised
5k people impacted

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new."

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A dedicated coach from May to November 2020
Full flexibility: You choose your coaching schedule & location (in person, Skype, WhatsApp)
Monthly workshops with all participants
Access to BØWIE's experts network
Visibility on social media, at events and in the media
Feedback from a jury of experts and the chance to win a prize
WhatsApp group to stay in touch with the Community
100% free
Apply to BØWIE
deadline: 15 april 2020
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Bring your help to projects

Contribute with your time, skills or through a donation
Join a community of people who share your values
Receive all opportunities to contribute, be it as a volunteer, an expert or an Award sponsor
Get invited to community events
Join the jury and vote on your favorite projects
Expand your network in your own city and all over Switzerland
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our sponsors

They Make BØWIE 100% Free For You

Our dream was to see BØWIE accessible to all.

Thanks to the generous support of our contributors, we were able to completely waive the participation fees of CHF 12'000 for each of our incubated project.

a nationwide movement

Attend BØWIE in your city



Lausanne open

Zürich open

Sion starts in 2021

Basel starts in 2021

Neuchâtel starts in 2021

Luzern starts in 2021


Find answers to your questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We're happy to help! Simply write to us at

Will BØWIE 2020 still take place given the current Covid 19 situation?

Our team is monitoring the current situation with Covid 19 very closely. We have the safety of our participants and our team at heart and we put it as priority no. 1.

Don't worry: BØWIE 2020 will take place! In case the containment measures should still be in force, the launch event on May 16-17, 2020, as well as the whole programme, will be moved online, so that each participant, each partner and each member of the BØWIE team can fully benefit from it without taking any risks.

Our team has already organised online workshops and coaching in the past. We promise to do our very best to adapt the programme and support each of you in the best possible way so that your BØWIE experience is as BOLD, OPEN, WILD, INNOVATIVE and EMPOWERING as possible!

Is it the right context for you to launch your project? For many, staying at home for days is anxiety-inducing, isolating and quite boring. The good news is: nowadays, with technology, you can be productive and create social change from home! With BØWIE, impact can be achieved anywhere. All you need is an idea to get you started. Are you ready to connect with the community and create the change you want to see?

The deadline for submitting your project remains unchanged: April 15, 2020 via this link.

We will communicate regularly about the situation on social media. You can follow our accounts to stay updated: Facebook and Instagram

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out: or +41 78 822 95 96 (call or Whatsapp). We are here for you ❤️

When will the BØWIE programme start this year?

BØWIE 2020 will officially start on the 16-17th of May with its national Launch Event that will take place in Geneva.

However, to be part of BØWIE, it is important to submit your project before April 15th, through this link.

Until when can I submit my project to join BØWIE 2020?

The next deadline to submit your project is April 15, 2020. You can apply here.

What are the selection criteria? What type of projects are accepted?

Gender is ingrained in so many different areas of society that there is no one way to tackle change. This is why we welcome and encourage projects:

1. Focusing on all Gender+ topics: Gender identities / Sexual and Romantic orientations / Gender expressions / Physical characteristics / Feminism & Equality. For more information about the 11 themes on which we focus, see our Manifesto.

2. From all fields: Culture / Education / Work / Fashion / Technology / Photography / Health / Sport...

3. At all stages: 
- You only have an idea? No problem! You do not need to have a well-crafted project to get started. Your personal Coach and the BØWIE Community will help you turn it into a concrete project.
- You have already started your project? Excellent! Your personal Coach and the BØWIE Community will help you take it to the next level and make it skyrocket!

4. With all revenue models: non-profit and for-profit projects

5. With an impact in Switzerland: Your project must have an impact in Switzerland. It can, however, take place at any scale: At a national level / in your city / region / school / University / company / sports club / online

6. In line with the 5 BØWIE values: BØWIE stands for Bold, Øpen, Wild, Innovative and Empowering. Those are the values we are looking for in each of the projects we support. Not quite there yet? Don't worry, our mission is to help you achieve those goals! Learn more about each value in our Manifesto.

What happens after I apply? When will I know if my project has been selected?

Once you have filled out the Project Submission form, you will receive a confirmation email. You will be informed during the week of April 20th if your project has been selected to join BØWIE.

We will then be looking forward to meeting you for the Launch Event in Geneva on the 16-17th of May!

Why are there multiple cities? What is the difference?

This year, we are looking for projects that will have an impact in primarily the following cities: Geneva, Lausanne, Bern and Zürich.

However, all of the projects will be following the same programme and all of the events will bring together the different projects, no matter where they are based. The different events will move around Switzerland. You can find out where each of them will be, in the programme.

Can I do BØWIE even if I have a full-time occupation?

We want to make BØWIE as accessible as possible. Therefore, we will adapt it as much as possible to fit your schedule. For example, you will be able to decide with your coach how frequently you will have your sessions and how you would like to do them (video-chat, in person, WhatsApp).

However, in order to benefit to the max of BØWIE, we highly recommend that you try to participate in the monthly events that are organized. Find out more, by checking out the programme.

What is the language of the programme? Why is the website in English?

BØWIE is a national programme and, unfortunately, the best way to make it accessible for people from the different Swiss regions is to have a programme that is mainly in English. However, the BØWIE Community is multilingual and so it will be possible to speak in our 3 (maybe 4?!) national languages with the other participants!

L’anglais est compliqué pour toi? Contacte-nous pour qu'on trouve une solution ensemble:

Englisch ist schwierig für dich? Kontaktiere uns, damit wir eine Lösung finden können:

I have already started developing my project. Will I still benefit from the programme?

Of course! With its custom 1-to-1 coaching, BØWIE is highly adaptable to the stage of your project and to its specific needs.

Here are just some examples of things that the programme can help you with:
- organize and (re)focus your strategy
- improve your website and boost your traffic
- improve your conversion rates
- grow your prospect list and customer base
- increase your sales
- improve your financing strategy
- master your pitch

What happens after BØWIE?

The goal of BØWIE is to help you put your project together, give it a great boost and have a long-term impact! Yes, the regular coaching will end after the 6 months, but never fear!
During your last coaching session, a clear roadmap post-BØWIE will be defined with your coach and you will still have your Board of Advisors for support. Also, you will always be part of the BØWIE Community to which you can turn to for guidance :-)

What does Gender+ mean?

The term “gender+” refers to an inclusive vision of gender, which goes beyond equality between women and men by including the diversity of gender identities, sexual and romantic orientations, gender expressions and variations in biological sex characteristics.

it's time for change

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