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Our Manifesto

Vision & mission

This is the world we want to live in

We envision a world where gender norms no longer define who we are, who we can love or what we can achieve.

As an incubator, we support passionate changemakers whose ideas and actions have the power to move the needle and make Switzerland fully inclusive of gender+ diversity.

With the term “gender+”, we refer to an inclusive vision of gender, which goes beyond equality between women and men by including the diversity of gender identities, sexual and romantic orientations, gender expressions and variations in biological sex characteristics.

the problem

How Inclusive is Switzerland

Here are a few facts about Gender+ inclusion in Switzerland:

59% of women work part-time in Switzerland compared to 18% of men
part-time work
82% of mothers with young children work part-time compared to 13% among fathers in the same situation
Women still earn 20% less than men
The unemployment rate of transgender people is 10 times higher than the national average (20% vs. 2.1%)
50% of young LGBTIQ+ have experienced harassment in the last six months
19% of women have had non-consensual sexual relations
sexual violence
A woman reaches orgasm on average 1 out of 5 times, while men reach orgasm almost every time
sexual pleasure
Same-sex couples still cannot get married in Switzerland and founding a family remains difficult
Young LGBTIQ+ are 5 times more likely to attempt committing suicide compared to their cisgender heterosexual peers
mental health
Intersex, asexual or aromantic people are still unknown to the majority of the population
When it comes to LGBTIQ+ rights, Switzerland is ranked 22th country in Europe
the need

Why we need you

At BØWIE we are longing for a new society. A society where the majority of the population adopts a gender+ inclusive behaviour.

This vision will only be possible if a sufficient group of individuals – representing at least 25% of the overall population according to recent studies - becomes animated with this same will to challenge the status quo and change mentalities. A minority of 25%, repeatedly exposing others to their new & more inclusive behavior, until everyone starts copying it and acting inclusively.

What does it mean concretely? It means that to create sustainable change in Switzerland, nearly 2.14M people need to adopt a gender+ inclusive behaviour for a systemic change to occur.

That is why we need YOU!

We won't be able to transform society on our own. We must all come together and relentlessly promote gender+ inclusive behaviours.

We need YOU to launch your project, in areas that you feel are not being covered enough, on subjects that you know are not being discussed enough or as an essential response to having personally experienced an unmet need in your community.

We need YOU to transform behaviours and to contribute to reaching this critical mass that will make it possible for Switzerland to truly become inclusive for all, regardless of their gender+.

our focus

What We stand for

We have identified 11 sub-behaviours characterizing a gender+ inclusive society. For this reason, we support projects that impact one or more of these dimensions


Use gender+ inclusive language


Provide the same rights and protection for everyone


Understand and meet the needs of others


Encourage equal opportunities for all


Promote gender+-inclusive information sources (gender+ representation) and activities


Are not violent and condemn violence towards others because of their gender+


Do not discriminate against others in access to products, services and other opportunities


Talk about gender+ with those around them


Challenge stereotypes through action and/or speech


Respond to non-inclusive behaviour


Support and respect the self-determination of others with regards to their gender+

our values

what we're looking for

BØWIE stands for Bold, Øpen, Wild, Innovative and Empowering. Those are the values we are looking for in each of the projects we support. Not quite there yet? Don't worry, our mission is to help you achieve those goals!


Projects with big objectives, a clear vision and a smashing impact


Projects being inclusive of gender diversities (gender identities, gender expressions, sexual and romantic orientations, sexual characteristics) and beyond


Projects creating change in a fun and unexpected way


Projects aiming for change in a new and never-before seen manner


Project increasing the power of individuals in creating the society of tomorrow

this is bØWIE

Our values in Action

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Actively Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals

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