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BØWIE 2020 will take place! In case the containment measures should still be in force, BØWIE will be moved online. Read more

Join the first gender+ entrepreneurial incubator

A 6-month online programme bringing you all the support you need to launch or grow your gender or LGBTIQ+ project in Switzerland

apply before may 7, 2021 (extended deadline)
Apply to BØWIE 2021

👋 Welcome

Entrepreneurship is not an easy road. When you work alone, you can get stuck or procrastinate indefinitely. Don't you have a few friends who have been talking for years about opening a bookstore-café or a website to show their artwork? 

Whether you are at the idea stage or have already launched your project and are in the development phase, with BØWIE, you will never be alone. You will work with other gender+ projects teams, connect with our Alumni·æ, Experts, and Role Models who were standing exactly where you stand today. Always find the support, inspiration, and this extra motivation boost you need from your BØWIE community. Join BØWIE and get access to the Home of queer and feminist creators, to learn, connect and grow together.

Welcome home ❤️


BØWIE at a glance

Content: 6 Modules

6 modules to acquire key entrepreneurial skills and put them into practice by launching your own gender+ project. Check out the programme below for more info!

Location: Online

Due to the sanitary restrictions, the programme will happen online, with a potential final event in-person. We encourage you to apply whether you are in Switzerland, or abroad but your project aims to impact the Swiss population.

Duration: 6 Months

6 months with an average 3-hour weekly engagement on your side

Next cohort: May 2021!

The next cohort is starting on May 16, 2021 and ending with an Awards Ceremony on November 27, 2021. Apply before May 7, 2021 (extended deadline)

Language: English

The programme is in English, in order to accommodate the variety of Swiss languages and allow the connection with international experts.


CHF 600.- per team
Full scholarships available ❤️
Read our Pricing Manifesto

Download the BØWIE 2021 Programme

  • Our selection criteria
  • The 6-month programme timetable
  • Discover the content of each module
  • Meet the speakers
our method

How we’ll support you to make change happen

🔑 Lifetime access the BØWIE Circle

The BØWIE Circle is our members’ home: it’s both a resource center and a private safe-space to engage with other creators. And guess what? You'll have access to it even after your 6-month programme! What to expect:

  • Learn from our past events replays, templates, tools & tutorials
  • Connect with other Gender+ creators and ask anything on our Mutual Aid Forum, find online events and be able to promote yours
  • Grow your team, partners and beneficiary, or customer base

📕 6 Modules to launch or grow your project like a pro

We've broken down all the necessary steps for an impactful project and will lead you smoothly along that learning curve. Our 6-month programme entails:

  • Monthly national Community Events, where you will actively work with other projects leaders in interactive workshops
  • Weekly Live Calls, where you will meet Role Models and Experts who will share their experience and answer your questions
  • Templates, Tutorials & Directories, so you can formalize and promote your project easily
  • Practice! All along the 6-month programme, you will put your new skills into practice in the context of your own project

💬 Office Hours to answer all your questions

Throughout the 6-month programme, the BØWIE team will be available for you on a weekly basis for on-demand Office Hours. We‍

  • Answer all your questions
  • Provide business guidance and logistical support
  • Help you set the right objectives, keep track or adapt your priorities
  • Discuss your progress and obstacles
  • Review your templates and other documents
  • Last but not least: Give you the extra push to ensure you stay motivated

🎓 Shine at the BØWIE Awards Ceremony

At the end of the Programme, in November, you will have the opportunity to enroll in the BØWIE Awards Ceremony and get the chance to be rewarded for your project achievements.

This is a great opportunity to make your project more visible but also to put into practice new skills. You will produce your own promotional video, you will launch your campaign on social media to get votes from the public and you will pitch your project live at the Ceremony. May the best project win!

🔥 Access the BØWIE Growth Programme

Once you have completed the programme, you will be able to qualify to access tailor-made opportunities depending on your type of project, such as media coverage or connections with investors or philanthropic funders.

our promise

What Could Your Life Look Like 6 months From Now?

In 6 months you could still be thinking about how the world should change or you could have:

Tangible impact
Achieve a tangible impact on issues that matter deeply to you
Practical skills
Gain practical skills in project management, web design, social media, fundraising, public speaking and much more
Your own team
Gather your own team (advisory board, volunteers, co-founders) ready to conquer the world with you, even after BØWIE is over
New friends & partners from all over Switzerland and the world
Form new friendships and collaborations with Swiss and international peers, giving you the confidence to follow your passion
Feedback from a jury and the public
Pitch your project in front of a jury composed of gender+ and entrepreneurship experts and get the word out in front of an actual audience
A clear plan
Test the potential of your idea and formulate a clear plan for your next steps beyond BØWIE
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why should you apply to BØWIE?

Our alumni·ae say it better than we do!

I want to live the experience
our manifesto

YOU x BØWIE = Accelerating Change

Let's talk Gender. Gender in all its forms, in all its aspirations and in all its challenges. Let’s talk about changing our narratives.

Let's talk about changing Switzerland, a country still ranked 22th in Europe in regard to LGBTIQ+ legal rights. Where women are still earning 20% less than men and still bearing most of the burden of child care. Where the unemployment rate of transgender people is 10 times higher than the average. Where same-sex couples cannot get married and founding a family remains challenging. Where intersex, asexual or aromantic people are still unknown to the majority of the population. Where pleasure and sexuality remains male-centered. A society where 19% of women have had non-consensual sex. 

Let’s make Gender the revolution it needs to be in Switzerland! Across industries and across communities. At BØWIE, we are convinced that we can collectively harness our creativity, passion and fearlessness and create a society where inclusion is truly lived, not only talked about.

Are you passionate about gender and about social change? Do you have an idea or a project designed to make Switzerland more inclusive for EVERYONE ? Let's be bold together.

Read our manifesto
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Apply to BØWIE before May 7, 2021

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